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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad : Vaccination: 2404 vaccinated in 18 plusVaccination: 2404 vaccinated in 18 plus

Moradabad: On the fifth day of the 18 Plus campaign, the youth got vaccinated at 22 centers in the city and countryside. On Friday, 2404 people were vaccinated in lieu of 2800 registrations. On the other hand, 1438 were vaccinated at 23 centers of 45 plus.

On Friday, even on the fifth day of the 18 Plus campaign, people started queuing up at the district hospital, Railway Manoranjan Sadan, CPH Hospital with twelve centers and ten villages in the country since morning. The district hospital has 313 vaccines relative to 350. There were 169 vaccines against 200 in Railway Manoranjan Sadan and 185 against 200 in Central Police Hospital. On the other hand, in the 45 plus campaign, 1438 people were vaccinated at 7 health centers in the city and 16 health centers in the country on Friday, of which 623 got the first dose, while 855 were given the second dose. In this, the first dose of Covaxin was 196 and the second dose was vaccinated by 91 people, while the first dose of 427 and 724 were seconded in the Kovishield. Assistant District Inspection Officer Dr. SC Mishra said that vaccination is being done in both the age groups continuously. At present, there is a quota of 18 plus people till Saturday and these 22 centers will be vaccinated continuously till Saturday, while the number of centers may be more or less depending on the availability of the vaccine in 45 plus. Centers are made more or less depending on the availability of the vaccine.