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Uttarakhand : People from all over the state also celebrated the festival of Eid with utmost simplicity this time

Dehradun. Keeping in mind the growing corona epidemic, people all over the state have also celebrated the festival of Eid with great simplicity. The number of people offering Eid prayers at Idgahs was very less. People followed the Corona Guideline while reading Namaz. Most of the people offered Eid prayers by staying at the houses.

The festival of Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated with great simplicity across the country today amid the growing transition of Corona. In this series, people are celebrating the festival of Eid with great simplicity in view of the rising corona epidemic across the state. In all the mosques, people followed the guidelines of the corona and offered prayers. People prayed for the end of the corona epidemic from all over the world. At the same time, due to the fear of Corona, people stay in homes and offer Eid prayers on the phone and congratulate each other on Eid.

Namaz was performed along with the rules on the occasion of Eid in Roorkee. In Idgah, only seven people have offered Eid prayers along with social distancing. While people read Eid prayers in homes safely. Namaz has been taught by Mufti Salim in Idgah. While giving information, Mufti Salim said that Namaz has been read in Eidgah along with the rules issued towards the administration. Mufti Salim said that everyone should be protected from the corona epidemic and blessings have also been read about the progress of the country.

Only 5 to 7 people in Eidgah and Mosque of Almora offered Eid prayers. The rest of the people offered Eid prayers at their home and congratulated their relatives on Eid by phone. On the occasion of Eid, the Muslim cleric appealed to all people to strictly follow the corona guidelines. Imam Sahar Mufti Junedul Qadri said that due to Corona, this time Eid was celebrated with utmost simplicity keeping in mind the guidelines of the guidelines.

Eid-ul-Fitr prayers were performed at the Idgah ground in Kashipur with social distancing under the leadership of the city imam. The people, under the leadership of Imam Mufti Munajir Hussain, the city imam, offered prayers on Eid keeping in mind the social distance. On this occasion, the city imam said that Eid prayers were performed only after following the guidelines of Corona issued by the central and state government. He told that on this occasion, the world was prayed to be freed from Corona. At the same time, he said that young children and elders should not leave even a little.

In Haldwani’s Banabhulpura, people celebrated Eid in a different way. Taking care of social distancing, the youth here offered Eid prayers. After that, hug each other and presented bouquets of flowers and greeted Eid. At the same time, some people of Banbhulpura went to Sauban Singh Jeena Base Hospital in Haldwani and cheered the doctors. Offering rose flowers and bouquets to the doctors who were serving during the Corona epidemic, they honored them and congratulated Eid.