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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Inattentive people roaming the streets

In the Corona curfew imposed by the government to protect the corona, people are seen to be inattentive and walking on the streets, on the other hand, the administration and police administration is trying to implement this curfew strictly and appeals to the people that this epidemic Stay at your home for rescue so that the chain of this epidemic can be broken and people’s lives can be saved.

Police started challaning check challan

Checking operations were carried out against those who tried to stop the people who were moving around unnecessarily, their challans were cut and they were left with warnings. The same doctors, people going to medicines and other work were exempted by the police, but some people do not They are taking the curfew lightly and are seen walking on the streets.

Police taught the lockdown to the shopkeepers

In the open markets under the Corona curfew, after the time fixed by the people, the open markets appeared to be closed by patrolling the police car and appealed to the shopkeepers to open their shops within the time given by the administration.

Otherwise, challans and legal action will be taken against them and police shops at every shops are seen closing the shops and there is no crowd in the market, so the police also closed the way by putting barricades so that people do not reach the markets as crowds and goods He appealed to the people to buy and get out at the right time.