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West Bengal : Conflict between Governor and Chief Minister unfortunate in Corona period

Immediately after Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as chief minister for a third consecutive term in West Bengal, when Governor Jagdeep Dhankad advised him to take effective steps to overcome violence in some areas of the state after the elections. It was only then that there were indications that the time has come for a new chapter of confrontation between the Governor and the Chief Minister. This was probably the first time for giving such a recommendation to a Chief Minister at the swearing-in ceremony itself.

The Chief Minister had said in response to the edict of the Governor that the Election Commission had control over the law and order situation in the state as per the Code of Electoral Conduct till he took oath as Chief Minister and now after his government was formed This is the responsibility of his government. The Chief Minister had assured the Governor that she would take strict steps to prevent incidents of post-election violence in the state. He also said that there have been more incidents of violence in the areas where BJP candidates have been declared victorious in the state assembly elections. It was not difficult to guess from the Chief Minister’s talk that she is defending her party workers. She said that Trinamool Congress workers were more casualties than BJP in incidents of post-election violence. Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party, which won 77 seats in the recent state assembly elections, accused the ruling Trinamool Congress of targeting BJP workers in incidents of violence, looting and arson by Trinamool Congress workers in West Bengal. Gaya in which many of its workers have died.

It is clear that the claims were made by the ruling Trinamool Congress and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party of inflicting violence on each other, along with the loss of their lives and property. But there can be no opinion that only one party can not be held responsible for the incidents of post-election violence and it is also an undisputed truth that after the elected government comes into existence in the state, it is its constitutional responsibility that He should take strict action against those who were responsible for these incidents without any party discrimination. It is also worth mentioning here that BJP National President JP Nadda had also visited the affected areas of West Bengal to console the BJP workers and their family members of the casualties in the post-election violence in the state and assured them that the party was standing with them. is. Apart from this, a team from the central government also visited the violence-hit areas of the state.
The report was also called from the Governor. This trend of confrontation between the Governor and the Mamta government over the post-election violence in West Bengal is not taking its name, nor are there any chances that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Governor Jagdeep Dhankad are in unison In the near future, you may be ready to move towards adopting a path of reconciliation. The manner in which the activism of Governor Jagdeep Dhankad has increased after Mamata Banerjee took over the reins of the Chief Minister is showing that this conflict between the Governor and the Chief Minister in West Bengal is slowly taking a new form.

When Governor Dhankar visited the violence-hit areas of Cooch Behar district last day, the ruling Trinamool Congress workers shouted go-back slogans showing him black flags. It is worth mentioning that before this, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee advised him not to visit those areas in Cooch Vihar district. In response to the Chief Minister’s advice, the Governor said that he does not need the permission of the state government to visit any area of the state. The Governor also expressed his displeasure over the police officers after meeting the families who were victims of violent incidents in Cooch Behar district and said that they will also go to the refugee camps in Assam where the victims of the post-election violence of West Bengal and their families Had taken refuge It is obvious that after this the Governor will send his report to the Center and the Governor knows very well how the Central Government expects him to report about the functioning of the Mamta Government. There is no doubt that in some areas of West Bengal, recent In the violence that erupted after the assembly elections, not only the Trinamool Congress and BJP workers lost their lives but also their family members and the common man were made victims. There have been reports of widespread looting and it is the constitutional and moral responsibility of the Mamata government to take strict legal action against those responsible for these incidents irrespective of any party. Without this, it is not possible to create an environment of lasting peace in the state, but now the time has come for both the Governor and the Chief Minister to abandon prejudice towards each other and show the will to start a new chapter of reconciliation. It would be better if the leaders of the ruling Trinamool Congress and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party themselves motivate their workers to stay away from such unfortunate incidents.

After a very bitter election, an elected government has come into existence. Now, forgetting all the electoral acrimony, the ruling party and the opposition should join together in efforts to prevent the spread of Corona infection in the state. Since then, the election schedule of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly was announced, and since then the corona infection has increased considerably. Election rallies also gave the Corona virus a chance to spread its footing in the state, to which no single party can be held responsible. When the nomination process for the first phase of voting for the state assembly elections started on March 2, the number of infected was 171 and 2 people died due to corona infection. On April 29, the last and the last phase of voting was completed. On that day, the number of infected in the state had increased to 17403 and Corona virus had killed 89 people. Now coronavirus is slowly taking a frightening form in the state. This must, of course, be a matter of grave concern to the Governor and his Government. In such a situation, coordination between the Governor and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is necessary. The ongoing confrontation of the two is undoubtedly unfortunate.