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Himachal Pradesh : Proper management of care and protection of orphaned and destitute children due to pandemic

Due to Corona epidemic in the district, proper arrangements will be made for the care and protection of the orphaned and destitute children. This information was given by Mandi Anju Bala Sharma, District Program Officer.

He told that during COVID-19 if the parents of a minor child dies or the child becomes lonely due to COVID being infected.

For the protection and care of such children, the department has mainly selected Bal Griha Talahar and Girls Griha Sundar Nagar, where these children will be given free education, health and counseling.

He informed that under the Women and Child Development Department, District Program Officer Mandi, District Child Protection Officer, Mandi, Child Welfare Committee, Mandi, Child Development Project Officer and Child Helpline Mandi under the Department of Women and Child Development to provide care and protection of orphaned and destitute children. Please inform immediately so that timely protection and protection can be provided to such destitute children.

He also urged the district residents that if there is any such child near you, please inform him immediately on the following phone number: –

Child Helpline Toll Free No. 1098, Anju Bala Sharma, District Program Officer, Mandi (Nodal Officer) 9882204230 , DR Nayak, District Child Protection Officer (DCPO), Mandi 7018277508, 7018595492, 8219244765, Child Welfare Committee Mandi 7018015452, 9459685221, Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Mandi Sadar Dhani Ram 7018287915, CDPO Sundar Nagar Ramesh Thakur, CD801651165 Santosh 9817727028, CDPO Siraj Vijay 8219753725, CDPO Gohar Jai Kumar Gupta 9857990143, CDPO Karsog Prithi Singh 9816020311, CDPO Sarkaghat & Dharampur RR Bhardwaj 9418113691, CDPO Drang Geeta Bisht 9418095903, CDPO1888 Contact 701819