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Railway takes measures to face Tauktae cyclone

Railway is taking all measures to face Tauktae cyclone. Following are the details:- 

1. Zonal and Divisional controls are monitoring the situation and constantly in touch with all Railway Stations in Southern Railway, South Western Railway, Konkan Railway, Central Railway and Western Railway. Divisions and Zones are in constant touch with State Governments to monitor and plan for any contingency. 

2. All emergency response of Railways like Accident Relief Trains (ART), Medical Relief Vans (MRV) and Tower Wagons are put on high alert and readiness for quick turnout in case of any contingency. Reserves of stone dust, boulders etc are kept readiness for attending to any breaches.

3. Special intensive patrolling of vulnerable sections as done in Monsoon Season is being carried out. 

4. Wind speeds are being monitored constantly in vulnerable sections and speed restrictions of train movement being imposed as per instructions. 

5. Temporary cancellation or pre termination of certain long distance and short distance passenger trains keeping in view the evolving weather conditions. 

6. A Disaster Management Cell has been opened from 16.00hrs of 14.05.21. 

7. Railway lines serving Goa port, VSG and other stations are being provided with proper announcements. If intensity of cyclone is more than trains will be stopped, however very few trains are running. 

8. Loading and unloading for Railway rakes at ports is calibrated and adjusted as per intensity of cyclone and all concerned have been asked to adjust the operations and ensure that loss of human life and property is avoided. 

9. All vulnerable areas and important bridges are being constantly monitored by Engineering wings and relief material has been kept at convenient locations for quick response. 

10. Railways is in regular touch with State Met departments and is taking action accordingly.

Safety Department has also reiterated Disaster Management guidelines to prevent loss of life and damage to property. Efforts are on ensure minimal time disruption of any Railway Operations and earliest resumption wherever temporary suspension occurs due to safety reasons.