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Jacqueline Fernandes will build a Covid Care Center

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandes is preparing to build a Covid Care Center. In the second wave of Corona, many Bollywood celebrities are helping the needy in their own way. Jacqueline Fernandes has also come forward to help people during the Corona crisis.
A few photos of Jacqueline were revealed in the past, in which she was seen feeding people. Jacqueline is now preparing to build a covid care center. Jacqueline said, “We are working on building a Covid Care Facility Center.” There will be 100 hospital beds in this center, 500 oxygen contractors are coming to us and we are also going to buy two ambulances.

Our ambulance will provide free service to the people. At this time ambulances are very expensive and common people cannot afford it and if they do not reach the hospital on time, then they can be killed, which is very terrible. So we have bought two ambulances, which have complete facilities.