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Allu Arjun has charged crores for ‘Pushpa’

The list of fans of South Superstar Allu Arjun is very long. Every single fan eagerly waits for actor’s films. Allu’s film comes whenever it comes. In such a situation, the actor is in discussions about his upcoming film Pushpa these days. Actor’s fees are also making headlines in the film
An important part of this film has also been shot. Recently there were reports that Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandana are going to release starrer Pushfa in Makers 2 parts. After which the fans are even more excited about the film.

Recently a surprising thing has come out about the film, whose connection is Allu Arjun. There are reports that South film star Allu Arjun is charging a hefty amount for this machved film. According to the news, the actor has taken a fee of 50 crores for this film.
It is constantly being claimed in media reports that Allu is charging a huge amount of Rs 50 crores for Arjun Pushpa. However, no official information has been revealed on this matter so far. This film is co-produced by Allu Arjind’s producer father Allu Arvind’s brother-in-law Saheb Muttamsetti. The film’s director is Sukumar. The teaserallu of this film was released on Arjun’s birthday. Since then, fans are desperate about it. In such a situation, since the matter of Allu Arjun’s fees has been revealed, the fans are becoming even more crazy. In Pushpa, Shanal Award winner actor Fahad Fasil is going to appear in the role of the main villain. The film may be released in August this year.

Recently, South film star Allu Arjun was caught by Corona. This information was given by the actor, after which the film star quarantined himself and he stayed for a long time in home isolation, after which his fans prayed for his recovery as soon as possible. Now the actor corona has become free. Recently, a video of the actor was revealed in which he was seen meeting his children for the first time after being corona free.