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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Assistant civil commissioner Ashokpriy Gautam meeting with revenue staff

Monitoring committees will now distribute medical kit distribution
Monitoring committee will also do door to door screening

Assist Municipal Commissioner meeting with revenue staff

Monitoring committees will now distribute medical kit to the corona-infected and suspected corona-infected people in the metropolis. The zonal officers will review and monitor the working of the committees. These committees will also conduct door-to-door screening to detect people with corona symptoms. On the instructions of the Government, the Municipal Commissioner has also appointed zonal officers for the four zones of the corporation area. The Assistant Commissioner appointed a meeting of the revenue personnel involved in the monitoring committees at the corporation on Tuesday and gave them necessary instructions in this regard.

Municipal Commissioner Gyanendra Singh said that the intention of the government is that no Corona infected or suspected person with corona symptoms should remain without treatment in any house, so that the corona can be eradicated as soon as possible. He told that now the monitoring committees have been given the responsibility that the committees will go door-to-door and do the screening work and provide medical kit to the corona infected and suspicious people. Along with this, the names, phone numbers of the people who have been given the kits will be made available to the district administration on the same day so that they can be verified by the ICCC. Apart from this, this list will also be made available to public representatives.

He informed that the monitoring committee will also ascertain whether a person with corona symptoms or suspected infection has a separate room with a toilet. If no one has it, the list of such people, including their phone number and name, will be made available to the district administration so that the administration can arrange to send them to the quarantine center. On the instructions of the government, Chief Tax Assessing Officer Ravish Chaudhary has been appointed as the nodal officer for its monitoring. The Municipal Commissioner informed that assistant zonal officers have also been appointed for the four zones of the corporation. Assistant Municipal Commissioner Ashokpriy Gautam for Zonal One, Executive Engineer Jalkal Sushil Singhal for Zonal Two, Jalkal Ishwar Singh, Assistant Engineer for Zonal Three and SB Agarhari, Assistant Engineer Electrical for Zonal Four have been appointed as Nodal Officers. The zonal officials will contact the monitoring committees to ensure that medical kits have been delivered to the people with corona symptoms and whether door-to-door screening is being done properly.

In this context, Assistant City Commissioner Ashokpriy Gautam held a meeting with tax collectors in the monitoring committees at the Corporation office and informed them about the orders of the government, stating that the government is very serious about sending medical kits to the Corona patients. He instructed that there should be no negligence in this work, otherwise strict action will be taken against him.