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Uttar Pradesh / Brajesh Nagar : Colonel BS Negi, who sanitized the house of a Corona suspect with the watchdog committee in Ward 37 Brajesh Nagar, Corporation also started fresh sanitation in villages

The Municipal Corporation, in addition to the major markets of the metropolis, Margay and Colonies, also carried out a sanitation campaign in the villages included in the corporation. On Tuesday, apart from Chakharety of Ward 13, according to the roster, sanitation was also done in other wards of the metropolis. In addition to this, sanitation was carried out in the Containment Zone by the government offices and public tirahas and crossroads as well as monitoring committees in several wards by the Enforcement Team.

Sprinkling of lime-malathion etc. was also done in the metropolis.
According to the roster, a sanitization campaign was carried out in seven wards of the metropolis on the instructions of the Municipal Corporation.

Under this, a new beginning of sanitization was started in the villages included in the corporation area. On Tuesday, Assistant Municipal Commissioner Ashok Dear Gautam, sprayed and sanitized lime and melathyan under his supervision in Ward 13 Chakharty. During this time sanitization was done in public areas including Ambedkar Bhawan, School and other buildings. Nominee councilor Umesh Sharma was also present during this period.

In Ward 59 Mattiamhal, Assistant Nagyukta took stock of cleaning, spraying of lime and malathion and under his supervision, Arya Kanya Inter College and sanitation was done in the entire ward. Councilor Nadeem Ansari was also present. Enforcement team in-charge Colonel BS Negi had sanitized the hot spot areas of the Containment Zone under his supervision in several wards and encouraged the Corona-infected families to follow the Korana rules. In Ward 19 Brajesh Nagar, he met with monitoring committee members Asha Karkari Kaushal and Anganwadi worker Babita and Safai Nayak Sompal etc. and apprised them of the new guidelines of the Government.

During this period, the corporation was given thermal scanners, oximeters, masks, sanitizers and galbas, etc. on behalf of the corporation for public convenience.