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Uttarakhand / Chamoli : Objection invited to issue death certificate of missing person in Uttarakhand state due to divine disaster

Joint Magistrate / Deputy District Magistrate, Nakud Mr. Himanshu Nagpal, in the last day Chamoli district of Uttarakhand State, Ambahata, missing Majid son of Tehsil Nakud, Khalil Kasba Ambehata, Tehsil Nakud on 07 February 2021 in Rani / Tapovan also in disaster. Due to being on the basis of temporary presumption of his death, the designated officer has applied for issue of death certificate. He said that if any person has any objection in relation to the missing person, it can submit it within 30 days from the date of publication.

Himanshu Nagpal gave this information here today. He said that as per the guidelines provided by the Deputy General Registrar of Birth and Death Letter of India, in connection with the issue of death certificate for birth in the horrific divine disaster in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, birth and death according to the section of the Birth and Death Registration Act The certificate is issued at the place where the incident of birth and death has occurred, usually the registration of death is done on the basis of the number of persons mentioned in section 8 of the said Act. But in an exceptional case as in the case of Uttarakhand, in the state of divine calamity, on the basis of proper investigation, the system of registration of death on the number of a public servant has been prescribed.

The Joint Magistrate / Deputy District Magistrate said that if any person has any objection in relation to the missing person, then he can submit objection within 30 days of publication of the release. In the event of objection not being received within the stipulated time, the death certificate of the missing person will be issued.