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Uttarakhand / Rikhnikhal : Corona spread in villages, Who is responsible?

  • The villagers kept distance from the Corona Test Camp
  • If presently suffering from fever in future Corona is found infected, who is responsible?
  • Due to lack of awareness and misconceptions, there was a Corona Testing Camp.

Today, many social workers of the area were pleading with the people’s representatives and intellectual administration for organizing the Corona Test Camp in the village inside the First Aid Center. There has been an outbreak of fever not only in Rikhanikhal, but in the entire mountainous areas for the past 1 month, many deaths have been caused by fever, due to which the contemplative people were worrying.
Sadly, this was the first Corona test camp in Rikhanikhal block, in which all the people suffering from fever were expected to come but it did not happen. Only 14 people gave Corona samples. These were people who are currently healthy. People who currently have fever for more than 1 week. Those who are struggling with symptoms like Corona, they did not bother to go to the hospital for an investigation. Due to which the problem persists, the problems raised by the local intellectuals to solve the problems are facing problems. Only those people who wrote a letter from the administration for Corona testing reached the hospital today.

In such a situation, how to fight will be fought. If this goes on, then who are responsible, then the Governments are doing their work well. Social workers have also done the responsibility, but pain was to be discovered, but for the first time, the drug came out in search of pain and returned to colourless. It became difficult for people to understand how deadly Corona is. In the past, even after a big muscat, people agreed to take the vaccine, today it shows ignorance of tasteless for testing. People are doing many things for prevention, they have spread many misconceptions through social media and dental news, due to lack of accurate information, people are facing the burden of disaster due to which the lives of the conscious people are also being put at risk.

There has been a lot of rumor, stories of Corona that every moment new incidents are being heard, every person is trying new medicine to avoid Corona. Due to these reasons dental misconceptions have spread in people.

In this, the biggest drawback was also the public representatives, on the occasion, the representatives of the local gram sabhas were also absent, they themselves did not come for testing or bring the fever-affected people to the center from their gram sabhas. A day before, the message was sent to all the village headmen, Anganwadi workers, Asha workers, despite this, none of the public representatives came to represent them. No sick person was brought to the center.

The Government should force people to be brought to the center for investigation. The lives of villagers should not be put in danger.

  • If a person is currently found to be infected, who is responsible?
  • Will that person be prosecuted?

People, not the Government, are themselves responsible for negligence.

Devesh man