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Uttar Pradesh / Thaska : The village head of Thaska provided sanitation and sprinkled lime in the entire village

Cleanliness is also of special importance to reduce the infection of Corona virus. Just as the virus is growing in rural areas, the responsibilities of the village ie the village head has also increased. While understanding the responsibilities well, some are still handing Hila.
Ashish Dhingra, the newly elected village head representative in village Thaska of Nanouta block, is constantly spraying sanitation and lime in the village, along with motivating village residents to fully follow the government’s guidelines and apply masks. Have been.

Village Principal Representative Ashish Dhingra says that not only now but for the whole 5 years, he will continue to work for the cleanliness of the village, the good health of the villagers, the development of the village, for the well being of the village. Will distribute masks.