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Himachal Pradesh / Koti : People did not get PDS ration due to cooperative depot server down

The people of this region are facing a lot of trouble due to the failure of the public distribution system due to the malfunctioning of the machines in the Koti Cooperative Assembly. Senior citizens of Koti village including Dr. Vishwabandhu Joshi, Chettaram of Tippar Panchayat, Deputy Pradhan Rajaram, Jitaram, many people told that they have been coming repeatedly for the last one week to get ration from government depot Koti but according to depot holder The machine is not working, due to which people are not getting the ration of PDS. Jagat Ram, the depot in-charge, says that the government has also given instructions to distribute food grains from the OTP, but people have got the mobile number of a person in the house as per their convenience added to the digital ration card and someone else comes from the house to get the ration. Due to which the person concerned is deprived of taking PDS ration. Dr. Vishwabandhu Joshi says that the way the biometric system is being adopted by the Department of Food and Supplies due to corona infection is itself a very risky task which makes the chances of spreading the infection quite strong. On the other hand, the Food and Supplies Department is not ready to accept this. They say that the pos machines kept in the depot also do not work properly. The government has introduced a biometric system to curb corruption in PDS rations, but people are not getting any benefit from this system. Second and depot holders are working day and night under Corona Warrier and they are sharing PDS rations by the government. Pays very little commission in lieu of Dr. Vishwabandhu Joshi says that 760 ration cards have been made under Cooperative Assembly Koti and in addition to Koti Panchayat, about three and a half thousand people of Padhechi, Thund, Bharandi etc. get ration. Many people including Dr. Joshi, Chetram, Jitaram, Rajaram have urged the government to shut down the biometric system due to corona infection so that the spread of corona infection can be curbed.

DFSC Shimla Purna Chand did not pick up the phone while Inspector Ranjana Sood says that the machine has been repaired and now the server has been restored in all biometric machines.