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Uttar Pradesh / Gangacholi : 150 villagers in Gangacholi suffer from fever, panic atmosphere

More than 150 villagers are in the grip of fever in Gangacholi village of Gangeswari block area. An eight-year-old child has also died. Villagers allege that neither the Health Department team has reached the village nor sanitation has been done. Sanitation has also been done in only half the village.

The population of the village is close to five thousand. It is being told that around 150 people have been suffering from fever since the voting. It is alleged that no attention is being paid to cleanliness in the village. There is mud on the way to the village. There are piles of dirt. An eight-year-old child has also died due to fever. Even after the information, the health department team did not reach the village. Sanitation was done only in half the village. It was alleged that due to electoral malfeasance, sanitation was not done in the entire village. However, the village head says that sanitation is being done in the entire village without discrimination. Cleanliness is also being done.