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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Now corona investigation in Ayudh Nirman Hospital

Now the people of Ordnance, Nirmani Raipur and the area around it will not have to wander for corona investigation. Yes, Rapid Atigen and RTPCR investigation of Corona has started in the hospital of Ayudh Nirman from today.

On Thursday, Ayudh Nirman General Manager PK Dixit launched the ribbon by cutting it. On this occasion, he said that today in the era of this epidemic, it is becoming very difficult for the common man to get treatment even if it is far from the disease. Whether our employees or the people living nearby are wandering for the Korena investigation, now the commencement of this investigation in the Ayudh Nirman Hospital will provide relief to the employees as well as the people living nearby. He said that the RTPCR and Rapid Atigen Test for the corona would be carried out in full free of cost by the employees, their families as well as the people residing in the surrounding area.

Dr. SB Prasad said that in the past, vaccination camps were set up here for employees above 45 years of age, their families as well as people nearby. In which many people took advantage. Officers of the Ayudh Nirman and the staff and doctors of the hospital were present on the occasion.