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Uttar Pradesh / Puvaraka The monitoring committee held a meeting first and then visited the village Also got villagers to check COVID-19

Campaign was organized to sensitize the villagers, in Jamalpur village of Puvarka block, to prevent the corona epidemic by applying masks and washing hands with soap and social distancing. An appeal was made, along with this, COVID-19 was also investigated by all the villagers.
More than a dozen people were investigated, none of the reports came back positive, it will be investigated again by retrofitting COVID-19’s camp in the village, ANM Preity said that they have taken the members of the monitoring committee in Jamalpur village, Village In the presence of Pradhan, Sangini, Ration Dealer, Asha and Anganwadi workers, Chowkidar made the villagers aware of prevention of corona epidemic, along with adhering to social distancing, villagers were advised to wash their hands frequently with soap , Vitamin C-rich foods to protect against corona, steaming, taking decoction regularly, avoiding cold drinks and cold foods, cough, fever, colds, it is recommended to check up at the nearest health center, On arrival of COVID-19 positive, take medicine as per doctor’s advice, get vaccinated to prevent corona, information related to child development department and health department was also given.

There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to get the vaccine: Swati Sharma

Swati Sharma elaborated that another government is determined to prevent an epidemic like Corona and is considering vaccination as an effective solution. Under this, the program of vaccination is going on for people above the age of 18 years, now above the age of 45 years. Due to which, enthusiasm is being seen among the people in the vaccination center built in the police line. And a large number of people are reaching the vaccination center on the police line and getting their first vaccine. The main objective of this center is that centers should be built in the place and by vaccinating more and more people of the country can be vaccinated and they can be saved from this epidemic. About this