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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Roads turning into pits, passers by, overloaded vehicles took over

▶️Overload trucks filled with mining day and night passing through rural areas

▶️If the administration does not pay any further attention, the villagers will be forced to agitate by blocking the road.

Jahanpur Road Janta Road remains a highway nowadays. Overload trucks filled with illegal mining pass so fast day and night, and can lead to major incidents at any time. Small children keep playing outside the houses, the width of the road is also less, there is fear in the villagers. No child should be the victim of the accident. People of Jamalpur, Niamatpur, Pathalokar say that overload vehicles pass very fast. Villagers will be pit in place in the road, says the government has made a lot of announcements to pave the raw paths on which departmental officials claim to work. Roads that are already paved and are turning into pits. Neither the government representatives are paying attention to them nor do the officials sitting in the office of the department come to the budget of lakhs of rupees every year to repair the roads, seeing the condition of the road, it seems that this budget is being completed only in the files And the government’s campaign of pit-free roads is also dying. Overload trucks and dumpers filled with illegal mining from rural areas pass through the night. The condition of the road in Jamalpur has worsened from place to place. Every day, one or the other incident keeps happening, local people say that if the administration does not curb overloaded vehicles, it will be forced to agitate by blocking the road.