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Uttar Pradesh : Harrawala and Bareilly get 203 tonnes of oxygenHarrawala and Bareilly get 203 tonnes of oxygen

On Thursday, two Oxygen Expresses arrived in the rail division to deliver relief to the Corona victims. Harrawala has received 120 tonnes of oxygen from containers from Tatanagar. While the 83.67 tonne Oxygen Express reached Bareilly at 5.45 am on Thursday morning. In this, sixteen-sixteen tons of oxygen was also supplied to Moradabad.
Oxygen attacks in the COVID epidemic are no longer the same. But the number of infected patients is still there. Those who are undergoing treatment in hospital and home isolation. Oxygen Express trains continue to operate to protect the lives of patients. Trains arrived at Moradabad Railway Division on Thursday carrying two hundred tons of oxygen. In Bareilly, there are 83.67 tonnes of oxygen in five tankers in the morning train. Moradabad has got 32 tonnes of oxygen in it. Bareilly is the 11th Oxygen Express. While 120 tonnes of oxygen arrived in Harrawala in five containers in the afternoon.

Senior DCM Rekha Sharma said that 15 Oxygen Express trains have arrived in the division so far. These include 11 in Bareilly, three in Harrawala (Uttarakhand) and one Oxygen Express train in Moradabad.