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What is the difference in the vaccine

In India, the question of the Corona vaccine Covishield’s decision to increase the gap between the two doses to 12 to 16 weeks has not stopped. Meanwhile, the hope of reducing the desperate rush of those taking the second dose at hospitals and vaccine centers does not seem to be fulfilled immediately. There have been reports of large number of people reaching the hospital and returning from there. Many of them feel that the government has taken this decision due to lack of vaccines. However, the government has been saying from the beginning that the decision has been taken by the team of experts based on the inputs being received in the UK. It has nothing to do with the current shortage of vaccines in the country. The confusion also increased after the Government’s claim that the difference between the two vaccine doses in Britain was reduced from 12 weeks to 8 weeks.

After this, the Government of India said that whatever research inputs are coming, its team of experts is keeping an eye on them. Whenever needed, the decision will be changed. But at the moment there is no need for any change in it. If seen, it is also true that the latest decision of the British Government is part of the strategy to protect against virus mutants developing in India. She wants to bring both people as soon as possible to the safety of the vaccine by giving them both doses.

There is nothing wrong with this strategy, but it cannot be assumed on the basis that reducing the difference between the two doses more or less increases the effect of the vaccine. According to experts, there is no such data even in the UK, which suggests that reducing the dose difference increases the effect of the vaccine. However, these arguments do not reduce confusion among people. It is not right to make such a situation on the decisions taken by our experts on the basis of research input. There should be so much transparency in these decisions that there is no scope for any confusion or doubt. In the present case also, on the recommendation of the National Technical Advisory Group (Immunization), which the government has decided to increase the gap between the doses, the experts concerned should make the basis of their findings and the process of reaching the conclusion public. This will help clear those doubts, which despite the government claims, are not able to be erased from the minds of the people. After all, we are going to fight and win this war against pandemics and the car of science moves on two wheels of transparency, reliability.