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Immediately remove the content in which ‘Indian Variant’ is mentionedCentral government orders to social media companies

The central government has asked all social media companies to remove the content using Indian variants for the 1.1.617 variant of the corona virus from its platform. The Union Ministry of Information and Technology wrote in a letter sent to social media companies that this will prevent the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19. Earlier this month, the Indian government objected to the use of the term Indian variant for this variant of the virus. The World Health Organization said on May 11 that the C1.617 variant of the corona virus, first found in India last year, was a variant of global concern. The next day, the Indian government issued a statement saying that in some reports in the media, B.1.617 variants are being described as Indian variants of the corona virus, which are baseless and baseless. The Union Health Ministry had said that in its 32-page document, the word Indian variant has not been added to the B1.617 variant of the corona virus.

On Friday, the Union Ministry of Information and Technology wrote to all social media companies, referring to the removal of content associated with the term Indian variant, that it is completely wrong. No such variant has been reported scientifically. The word ‘Indian variant’ has not been associated with the B1.617 variant of the corona virus.

Sources in the ministry said that the matter was given a clarification on May 12 on behalf of the Health Ministry. A senior official said that using this word of word is spreading misinformation and tarnishes the image of the country. At the same time, a social media executive from the agency said that it would be difficult to remove all the content related to this word, because there will be thousands of such posts.