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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Mass rush of people in Dehradun market, increased administration’s concern

Under the guidelines issued by the government, groceries shops were opened on Friday along with establishments of essential services across the city. During this time, in the Doon market, the rules of physical distance were blown apart, people were seen in many places even without masks. Due to which the risk of corona infection has increased once again. This has also drawn worry lines on the foreheads of the district administration.

Curfew has been announced by the regime to curb the growing infection of Corona. Apart from this, orders have been given to keep all establishments except the shops of essential commodities closed till advance orders. Meanwhile, in the order of instructions on Friday, when the shops of groceries opened in Doon at seven in the morning, the crowd of people thronged the market. In Hanuman Chowk, Aadhat Bazar, Darshani Gate, Ramlila Bazaar, the police also lost their sweat in wearing masks and following physical distance rules.

Apart from this, there was a crowd of buyers till 12 noon in Dispensary Road, Shreezhandeji Bazar, Tehsil Chowk, Saranimal Bazaar. Here too, the rule of physical distance was seen to be stellar. In Hanuman Chowk, Ramlila Bazaar, Adhat Bazar, there was a jam situation due to rickshaws, loaders, cars and two-wheelers. Which also caused a lot of trouble. On the other hand, shops on the outskirts of the city were crowded on the outskirts of Kargi Chowk, Banjarawala, Dharampur, Six Number Pulia, Majra, ISBT, Turner Road, Ballupur, Premnagar etc. However, the physical distance law was largely followed here. Also, the public and shopkeepers used masks.

If the shop of groceries opened for three hours every day, there will be no rush in the market

On the problem of crowd influx in the market, traders say that such a situation is arising due to the rules of the district administration. Due to the opening of groceries shop on one day of the week, the common people are forced to purchase essential goods in the market. If these shops are opened for three hours every day, then the problem of congestion can be overcome.

Pankaj Massone (Chairman, Doon Valley Metropolitan Industries Business Board) says that traders themselves are worried about the Corona transition. We have lost many of our business brothers. The members of the Board of Trade have put banners of masks, not goods, in their establishments. More crowds are being seen in the market due to the short time of groceries shops being open. The administration was also made aware earlier that the time to open shops of consumption goods should be increased so that people can easily buy goods around their homes.

Sunil Kumar Banga (President, Doon Metropolitan Business Cell) says that the common man has to buy essential household items and also protect himself from corona infection. The business class has also come forward to help the administration prevent Corona infection. The administration should be allowed to open grocery shops like milk, vegetable and fruit shops for three hours every day. Everyone has to follow the two-yard rule in the market.