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Uttarakhand / Kotdwar : Project Help India contribution in COVID war

Project Help Society is continuously working on the corona situation for public even in this era of corona disaster.

Whether it is awareness campaign or sanitizing work or providing ration to the needy. In this order, 150 needy people in Kotdwar who are unable to do wages or other work due to lock down, and middle class families who do not pay any attention to them and their needs are also big at this time. Provided full month’s ration. The president of the organization Amit Samuel and Secretary Daisy Samuel are helping the people. Last year too, Project Help India provided food packets to 600 people per day throughout the lock-down. In all this work, the Coordinator of the organization, Gipsa and his colleagues Samarth Hamilton, Anas etc. have remained the role model for the society by working hard.

They distributed Rations to the poor people of kotdwar who are fighting through hunger in corona pandemic.