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Uttar Pradesh / Pinjore : Garbage piles and dirt increasing fear of corona

Another area where the government is constantly taking initiatives regarding cleanliness system regarding the corona virus in the country. At the same time, the Municipal Corporation in the metropolis is not at all serious about the corona virus. Sanitation workers are posted in every ward of the corporation, but it seems that cleanliness is being done only on paper. The fact is that despite the deployment of sweepers, there is a lot of dirt everywhere. The cleaning system in the Ward 2 Village Pinjore Malipur Road area of the Municipal Corporation is in a bad shape. This is also the situation in the Senatizer area in Narendra Nagar and Amnapuram of village Pinjore. Neither Chun and Sanitizer are sprayed instead garbage piles and dirt on the roadside are creating fear of corona among people. Many times the residents have also made complaints to the Municipal Corporation and Councilor, but the garbage is not being lifted. People are resentful about the poor sanitation system. On this occasion, Riyaz Ahmad, Mau Salman, Mau Sharukh, Brijpal, Sonu, Premkumar, Ankush, Saira etc. demanded the cleaning of the system in the area.