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Rahul said- Central government completely guilty for the flow of dead bodies in the Ganges

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi blamed the central government for the flow of dead bodies in the Ganges. He said that this is not a collective responsibility. Only the central government is to blame for this. The pain of those who left the dead bodies on the banks of the river should also be understood. It is not their fault.
The former Congress chief tweeted, ‘I don’t want to share the photo of dead bodies. Seeing such photos, the whole country and the world is sad, but their pain should be understood that the bodies of their relatives were forced to leave the banks of the Ganges. This is not his fault. “He said,” This is not a collective responsibility but only that of the central government. “Gandhi’s statement comes after several bodies were found flowing in the river in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in recent times. The Congress has been constantly criticizing the central government for the ways of dealing with the situation of COVID-19 in the country.

Recently, the central government had asked these two states to increase surveillance so that dead bodies are not shed in the river.