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Corona virus in sewage in Lucknow, virus reached in water from stool of infected

After Bollywood Mumbai, the state capital Lucknow has also caused a panic due to the corona virus being found in the water. Sanjay Gandhi PGI doctors are now studying how dangerous it can be.

Corona viruses have been found in sewage in Khadra of capital Lucknow as well as in the area near Machilohal and Ghantaghar. Doctors speculate that the corona virus has entered sewage from the stools of the infected living here. On the question of increasing corona virus infection with sewage water, the doctors said that whether the infection will spread with water or not, it is now a matter of research.

According to Dr. Ujjwala Ghoshal, chairperson of the Department of Microbiology of Sanjay Gandhi PGI in Lucknow, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have started a research study after the second wave of corona. In this, sewage samples are being collected from different cities to detect the corona virus in the water.

Corona virus in sewage from infected stool: Corona virus has been found in sewage in Lucknow as well as in Mumbai. Currently, studies are going on in other cities of the country. Dr. Ghoshal said that corona virus can be found in sewage water from infected stools. All patients with corona infection are in home isolation. In such a situation, their stool gets into sewage. Studies in several countries have found that 50 percent of infected stools also get the virus. In such a situation, the reason behind getting the virus in the sewage may be the stool of the infected.

In this sequence, corona virus has been found in samples taken from three places of Lucknow. Dr. Ujjwala informed that eight centers have been built for sewage sampling testing in the country. One of these centers is also at Sanjay Gandhi PGI, Lucknow. Sewage samples were taken from three places in Lucknow for testing of sewage water. A corona virus has been confirmed in a sample in one of these locations. The three sites from which sewage samples have been taken in Lucknow. Among them are the places where the sewage of the entire locality falls at one place. The first of these is Rukpur of Khadra area, the second is the clock tower of Chowk and the third is of Fish Fish of Sadar. In a lab investigation, the virus has been found in the sewage water of Rukpur Khadra. The report has been made after the virus was confirmed in a sewage sample on May 19, which has now been sent to the ICMR, which will share it with the government.