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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : Preparations to deal with the third wave of Corona, ICU beds are also being prepared in Dufferin

Preparations are being made rapidly in Kanpur to deal with the possible third wave of Corona. In addition to the medical college, ICU beds are being prepared at Dufferin Hospital. 20-bed ICU beds will be made here. On this, Commissioner Dr. Rajasekhar inspected Dufferin Hospital on Tuesday.

Told that, UPRNSS is doing the work of ICU beds being prepared for children at a cost of 115.23 lakhs.

On getting the information from the commissioner, CMS said that, by December 14, it has been targeted to be completed. On this, the commissioner gave instructions that in any case, this work should be completed by August. The commissioner formed a joint team of Executive Engineers of PWD, KDA and Municipal Corporation to conduct a third party investigation of the quality of work. At the time of inspection, the hospitalized patient Nirmala Tiwari was consulted and informed about health, medicines, cleanliness and regular checkup by the doctor. The commissioner said that a proposal be made to prepare eight HDU beds in Dufferin.

Councilors will monitor in wards

At the same time, to prevent the spread of corona, the responsibility of supervising the councilors in the wards has been entrusted. On this, the DM inspected the corona room help desk at Paramat. When information was received from the councilor present here, he said that so far he has provided kit of medicines to 19 people. On this, the DM also called and investigated. During this time, those who have received the first dose of Corona vaccine were also motivated to apply the second dose.