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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Inaugurated 70-bed ICU facilityInaugurated 70-bed ICU facility

Chancellor Haji Iqbal of Glokal Medical College and Research Center Mirzapur Pol District Saharanpur inaugurated a ward with a 70-bed ICU facility. This permission has been given by the District Magistrate Saharanpur after the investigation of the team formed under the leadership of the Chief Medical Officer. Glocal Medical College and Research Center has been entrusted with the responsibility due to the standards being met in the investigation. With the introduction of this facility, serious patients of Corona will get the benefit of state-of-the-art facilities in ICU. It is worth noting that the 450-bed Kovid Hospital is already functioning smoothly at the Glocal Medical College and Research Center. Chancellor Haji Iqbal had a few days ago discussed with the administrative officials and doctors of Glocal University to build a 1500-bed COVID Hospital and to fight the third wave of COVID-19, the Glocal Medical College and Research Center has a 1500-bed facility. Wala has started working towards the hospital. Along with this, Glocal University is preparing paramedical and nursing staff to fight the corona and many professional courses are also being successfully conducted by the university.

Vocational courses are a good way to get a job in a short time. These courses are directly related to healthy services. At present the institute has advanced diploma in Life Sciences, Medical Lab Technology, Ophthalmic Technology, Health Care Technology and Medical Imaging Technology. The Advanced Diploma is of 2 years duration. The diploma is 1 year and the certificate course is 6 months. Apart from these, in view of the impact of the Corona crisis on the economy, efforts are being made by Glocal University to conduct such courses which will make students gain employment by providing better and latest knowledge to the students.