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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Vishwakarma Chowk’s historic bridge collapsed, no one responsible?

Water department which spent crores of rupees on leakage could not get improved

Due to gross negligence of the Municipal Corporation’s water department and busy sharing of budget monastery, the bridge at Vishwakarma Chowk, a historic heritage of the British era, was broken, but the officials responsible for it should take action without turning away  Now work has also been given for Jalaparti, in which the monkeys are to be distributed freely.
Municipal councilors had also given written notice of leakage of water from the said bridge from the XEN to the under-engineer and JE of the Municipal Water Department, in time, with only about 10 thousand rupees.  The leakage could be stopped but the concerned officials busy sharing the monies of the government money neither understood the importance of that heritage nor did efforts be made to stop its leakage even when the possibility of damage due to the pressure of that water also  was expressed.  In the budget of about Rs. 16 crores per annum of the Municipal Water Department where Rs. 6 crores per annum is spent in the name of closing the leakage, in which the budget could not be arranged for the leakage of this bridge or now due to gross negligence.  The purpose was to increase the budget of lakhs of rupees spent?  And from the concerned XEN to what the under engineer and junior engineer did and what could not be done for them, it would be possible only by examining the letter, but in this regard meeting the commissioner of Saharanpur division to file a report in the above case.  Demanding also seems justified.  At present, longitude Rana, Vineet Rana and Lalit Sharma are involved in the water supply department of the Municipal Corporation, and in the budget of Rs. 16 crores, where Rs. 6 crores is spent on leakage and about Rs. 10 crores of new supplies  The line is inserted but no action is taken even if the historical heritage is damaged.  It was also a blessing of the all-powerful that no inevitable event took place and if that happens, no one will have any responsibility for it because the expected action is still pending in this direction.  At the administrative level, what action is taken in this direction, where it is yet to be seen, or will be possible at the government level, it is hidden in the womb of time, but this iron made to come to the church from the remount depot.  The historic bridge, which was located at Vishwakarma Chowk, is no longer an invaluable heritage of Saharanpur and no responsibility has yet been set for its demolition.