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Uttarakhand : Dr. NS Bisht, CM’s physician and senior physician, challenged Baba Ramdev for an open debate

Dehradun. There is resentment among allopathic physicians after Yogguru Swami Ramdev’s statement on allopathy and 25 questions from the Indian Medical Association (IMA). Dr. NS Bisht, Doctor of Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat and Senior Physician posted in the District Hospital (Coronation Hospital), has uploaded a video in this context on YouTube, in which he has responded to the above questions not only on scientific but spiritual basis. Along with this, open debate on Ayurveda and Yoga has been challenged. That too in Sanskrit language.

Dr. Bisht, who is doing duty in the Kovid ward of the hospital, says that Uttarakhand is the work place of Swami Ramdev, so he should also meet the answer here. It is another matter that most of these questions are not even worth answering. Swami Ramdev had asked that if Allopathy is omnipotent then why are the doctors dying from Corona. Dr. Bisht has responded to this, saying that allopathy is not a pathi but science. There is neither a science nor an alien to science. Nor does science have its own culture. Science is equal for all.

The doctor is not a god but a human being. Their body, like other humans, is made up of the same cells that can be infected with bacteria or viruses. Yes, Swami people are God men and may remain immortal. But the doctor will also fight with Corona, will also die and will also save his patients. He has said sarcastically that the devotees of Swami Ramdev may have diminished in the coronary period. Therefore, he wants doctors to discuss them.

He is certainly far ahead of us in money power, popularity, etc., but he is not going to benefit from such intrusions. Because physicians are a bit selfish. His first career is selfish and the second patient. They have no time for such things. He will be angry on that one day and then everyone will forget. If you do such a thing again, he will not even look back. Even if some doctors believe you, they will stop paying attention now.

Similarly, on the question asked about the cruelty and violence of Swami Ramdev, Dr. Bisht has said that there is no medicine in its allopathy. If it is in Ayurveda then it should be used firstly on Swami Ramdev and his blind devotees. So that the verbal violence he has inflicted on physicians associated with allopathy can be treated permanently. Baba is talking about the permanent solution for diseases, if he is right and authentic, then he should get the status of Nobel and the first citizen of the world. They have found ways to increase oxygen without oxygen cylinders. The talk of building a colony on the moon and Mars, take Swamiji’s help there.