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Discovery of the universe: ‘hidden bridge’ between galaxies

80 percent of dark matter is used to connect and create the universe. This is such a mysterious substance that scientists have been studying for the last several decades. While making a map of this, some scientists got such information which is really astonishing.

Scientists at Pennsylvania State University reported that the mysterious and hidden bridges between the galaxies that have been observed are filamentary. That is, they look like a spider web. The Cosmic Web has been created due to this bridge and dark matter. This means that such a bridge can also exist between our galaxy and any other galaxy. Scientists believe that it forms a bridge due to the gravitational force that forms between the two galaxies. That is, if you come to this bridge, you can be dragged from one Galaxy to another or sent back.

Donghui Jeong, an associate professor at Penn State University and one of the authors of this study, said that the study of remotely located dark matter and such bridges is easy, while the complexity is so much in the near ones that it becomes difficult to study. Donghui said that dark matter cannot be directly calculated in the local universe. For this, the gravitational force on space objects, including individual planets, has to be studied. Then it is seen adding how much Dark Matter is.

Donghui said that as the universe grew, so did its complexity. Previously, the process of mapping the cosmic web or cosmic web was done through modeling. Which gave us a simulation of the Universe. But this time we have adopted a new way. We created a new model through machine learning that searches for dark matter based on the division of galaxies in the universe and their motion.

Donghui Jeong said that we trained the model to simulate large clusters of galaxies. We named it Illustris-TNG. This includes galaxies, gas, dark matter and all other visible objects. We designed the model in such a way that it could measure the division and motion of our Milky Way Milky Way and its similar galaxies. After this, the map that this model made and it was astonishing.

Scientists have observed that a hidden bridge is being formed between galaxies and other space objects. Which is a nexus between the gravitational forces of those two objects. Its strength depends on the distance and speed of galaxies. Donghui and his team studied 17 thousand galaxies through this model. The map that was made with this was fantastic. In this, many hidden Darkmatter bridges were seen to those people.

Donghui said that it has been revealed earlier that Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are slowly coming towards each other. But the question is whether they will collide after crores of years. This thing is not clear yet. If we study the hidden bridge with dark matter then we can get the answer to this question.