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IMA sent Rs 1,000 crore notice, asking for written apology in 15 days to Ramdev

Yogguru Ramdev is badly trapped by making controversial statements on allopathy and doctors. Their difficulties have increased now. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Uttarakhand has sent a defamation notice of Rs 1000 crore to Ramdev. In the notice, Ramdev has been asked to refute the video and written apology of his statement in the next 15 days.

The notice states that if Ramdev does not ask for a rebuttal video and written apology within 15 days, then he will be asked for Rs 1000 crore. Apart from this, Ramdev has been asked to remove the misleading advertisement of Coronil Kit from all places within 72 hours. Where it has been claimed that coronil is effective at side effects occurring after the covid vaccine.

Ramdev gave a controversial statement
Let me tell you that you had given a statement in the past that millions of people have died due to eating allopathic medicines. He called allopathy stupid and bankrupt science. Ramdev withdrew his statement after the controversy over it and the strong objection of Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

Ramdev asked 25 questions from IMA

It was believed that the dispute would stop, but on 24 May Ramdev once again questioned the method of allopathic medicine. This time, he posed 25 questions to the IMA in a letter written on Patanjali’s letterpad. It also has his signature on it.

Baba Ramdev asked questions in this paper about permanent treatment on hepatitis, liver psoriasis, heart enlargement, sugar levels 1 and 2, fatty liver, thyroid, blockages, bypass, migraine, pyorrhea, insomnia, stress, drugs addiction, anger etc.