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Uttarakhand: IMA sent legal notice to Baba Ramdev, said- first tell your qualifications and then we will answer the questions

Indian Medical Association (IMA) Uttarakhand has issued a legal notice to him after Baba Ramdev issued 25 questions regarding allopathy. The association said that Baba Ramdev does not even know the ‘A’ of allopathy. We are ready to answer their questions, but first they tell their qualifications. He said that if Baba does not apologize within 15 days, then a defamation claim of one thousand crore rupees will be made against him.

Ramdev letter to Dr. Harshvardhan

IMA Uttarakhand Secretary Dr. Ajay Khanna said that he is ready to sit face to face with Baba Ramdev and ask questions. Baba Ramdev does not even know a lot about allopathy. Despite this, they are making unrestrained statements against Paithi and his doctors. He said that due to this, the morale of doctors engaged in the service of patients day and night has dropped. Baba Ramdev has always been making unscientific claims about diseases and their treatment. They claim to cure cancer. If this is the case, he should be awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

Dr. Khanna said that Ramdev is constantly spreading lies to sell his medicines. Baba said that he has tried his medicines in our hospitals. We asked them to mention the names of those hospitals but they could not tell, because they had not done the trial. Such remarks against the doctors who are engaged in the treatment of Corona are also angry with Baba. To sell their medicines, they are also releasing advertisements on TV having side effects from vaccination. He said that the IMA would file a case against him in Haridwar if the government does not take action against him in the Pandemic Act.

We never said anything about his method

IMA Secretary Dr. Ajay Khanna said that we never raised any questions about Baba’s method. Never said anything about their products. It would be better if they talk about their method and medicines. Baba is creating such controversy only for the sale of his products and medicines.

My kidneys were damaged by Baba’s medicine

He said that he had a kidney problem sometime back. Someone advised him to eat the medicine of Baba Ramdev. After eating medicine for some time, his kidneys got worse. Even after dialysis, when there was no improvement, he had to be transplanted. His kidney was transplanted at Max Hospital.

Baba speaking the language of our medical terms

Dr. Ajay Khanna said that Baba does not even have the words of his father. The thyroid, BP, sugar, ventilator Baba is talking about are all words of allopathy. Baba is talking about fatty liver cirrhosis or hypertension, but the truth is that he does not know a word about them.