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Yaas Ka Dance of Fury started : Dam breaks, sea water enters villages

17 troops of army descended, 15 lakh people in relief camp

The orgy of cyclone Yaas has started. According to the Meteorological Department, it has hit the coast of Odisha. Rainfall continues with strong winds in Balasore and Bhilakkar, while West Bengal has been kept on high alert. The Meteorological Department said that the process of landfall of severe cyclone Yaas started at around 9 am. Odisha’s Special Package Commissioner PK Jena said the landfall process of Cyclone Yaas started between Dhamra and Balasore in Odisha around 9 am on Wednesday and is expected to continue for about three to four hours. Talking to reporters, he expressed the possibility of Yas moving towards the terrain by one o’clock in the afternoon. At the same time, sea water has started to enter the coastal areas including Digha and Shankarpur and the sea has taken its form. To control the situation, 17 troops have been deployed, while 1.5 million people from the coastal areas have been shifted to relief camps.

CM Mamata Banerjee stayed in Nabanan at night. He reviewed the situation with officials in the morning. 51 dams have broken in East Medinipur. Since today is the full moon. Due to this, there is a possibility of having too much effect. Many areas are completely submerged.

On the other hand, 17 troops have been deployed to control and defend the situation. These include 2 in Nadia, two in Purulia and West Burdwan, 2 in Jadagram and Bankura, 1 in Birbhum, 2 in Howrah and Kolkata Port, 2 in East Kolkata, Central Kolkata and 3 in East Medinipur, one in Kolkata South, one in Hooghly and Behala. A troop has been launched in Apart from this, 45 teams of NDRF as well as teams from the State Disaster Department and Kolkata Police are working.

The Meteorological Department said that the maximum speed of the storm during landfall can be up to 175 kmph. Forecasting, the speed may be 90 to 120 km per hour in East Midnapore, 60-90 km per hour in South 24 Parganas. When Yaas enters Bengal, its effects can cause waves to rise to a height of eight to 12 feet above normal height. The army has landed to handle the situation in Digha. The dam of the river has broken due to the tidal wave in Namkhana. According to the Meteorological Department, East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas are the two coastal districts most likely to be affected.

Heavy rains are forecast in East Midnapore, Jhargram due to Yas. There are storm warnings from Bankura, Purulia to Birbhum and Murshidabad. Gosaba has broken several dams. The coastal villages of East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas have been gradually evacuated. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has said that Yaas will not have the same effect as Amfan in Kolkata. The speed of the storm can be up to 75 km per hour. There are warnings of heavy rains in Howrah and Hooghly. Taking caution, Kolkata Airport will be closed from tomorrow morning till night.