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Uttarakhand: Broken rock on Joshimath-Malari highway, villagers of Neeti valley traveling above the boulders, Photos

On the Joshimath-Malari highway in Uttarakhand, a large part of the rock suddenly fell on the highway near Bhapkund on Wednesday, disrupting the movement of vehicles throughout the day. The villagers of Neeti Valley made their way through the boulders, risking their lives.

The work of opening the highway has been started by the Border Roads Organization (BRO). Around nine o’clock on Wednesday morning, the rock collapsed near Bapakund on the Malari Highway, stopping the movement of army vehicles along with the villagers of Niti Valley.

BRO commander Manish Kapil said that the work of opening the Joshimath-Malari highway has been started. Soon, the movement of vehicles will be started on the highway after the bollards are disposed of.

At the same time, near Badrinath Highway Radang Band, the seventh day has become smooth for the movement of vehicles on Wednesday. Through the JCB and Pokeland machines of the Border Roads Organization (BRO), cutting the hills for about 50 meters on the highway, a new route was prepared. The highway was then opened for vehicular traffic.

The army and ITBP, along with the villagers of Mana, the last village in the country, breathed a sigh of relief when the highway opened. On 20 May, during the heavy rains, the highway in the Radang band was swept up to about 50 meters, after which the BRO machines are busy in smoothing the highway.

The BRO also built the Alaknanda side two books, but due to erosion, the paintings collapsed on the second day itself, making it a challenge to open the highway. The BRO then cut the hill by about 50 meters and built the highway. After midday on Wednesday, the highway was opened for vehicular traffic.

First BRO vehicles were made, followed by local vehicles. BRO workers and machines worked day and night to smooth the highway in a week. At the same time, only police, pilgrim priest, mana village and military vehicles are allowed to move ahead of Hanuman Chatti.

BRO commander Manish Kapil said that after the demolition of the highway, there was no space left for the construction of the buttress, in view of which the new highway was built after cutting the hill. Now the highway is completely smooth.