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Uttar Pradesh / Gonda : Senior journalist Suresh Pandey died of brain hemorrhag

UP Suresh Pandey, a former member of the working journalist union branch Gonda, died at dawn today. Originally a resident of a village in Paraspur, presently near Satai Purva railway station. Suresh Pandey has also been a councilor of Municipal Council Gonda, a daily published from Faizabad, Saket Shobha and a recognized journalist of Diglig India newspaper. Members of the Rural Journalists Association and the Uttar Pradesh Working Journalists Union have also lived in the past.

Mr. Pandey had been running unwell here for a long time, had fallen near the house when Parso VP was high, due to which he had fainted due to head injury. Those who were admitted to the district Ashtapal who later went into a coma, died of brain hemorrhage in the morning today.

The Uttar Pradesh Working Journalist Union Branch Gonda pays tribute to Shri Pandey and wishes God to give peace to the soul of Shri Pandey and to give strength to the family to bear the grief.