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Himachal Pradesh / Solan : Exercise, get up in the morning in the time of corona epidemic: Sushil Gupta

People in subdivision archi are keeping themselves safe and also taking full care of their health during the corona curfew. Also following the guide line of the government. Sushil Gupta, who retired from the Department of Jal Shakti, residing in ward no 4 of Arki, said that he and his entire family do yoga, exercise and other activities in the morning and evening. Thereafter, these people drink lemon juice in lukewarm water. Similarly, shopkeeper Sandeep Soni from his profession living in ward no 7, along with his colleagues, is getting up early in the morning in the time of this pandemic and doing exercise and yoga. After that, he cleans and maintains the beds of vegetables planted in his own kitchen garden. In addition, along with fruits containing vitamin C, etc., they consume water-rich fruits with local vegetables, and after that, indoors play khel and spend time with family members. They say that the government is taking whatever decision it is taking to save the health of the people of the state from the pandemic, so cooperate with the government. At the same time, he appealed to all the people and called upon the people to cooperate with the government by following the rules and guide lines made by them in the fight against the corona epidemic, and not to leave the house unnecessarily and the three essential rules are right Protect yourself, family and society by wearing a mask in a manner, keeping social distance, and washing hands properly.