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Himachal Pradesh / Solan : Sambal-Aayush Ghar Door Program of Covid Patients

Solan. Ayurvedic medical practice has been established in the Indian lifestyle since the time of Sanatan. Prevention of complex and incurable diseases is possible through Ayurveda. The same feature of Ayurveda is being used in the interest of patients during the time of the current Covid-19 epidemic. Yoga and Ayurveda and modern medical system Allopathy are working with complete coordination in fighting Covid-19 epidemic. Due to Covid-19 epidemic in the state, patients who are spending solitary time at their residence are being mastered in the art of staying healthy by Yoga and Ayurveda.

State Health and Family Welfare and AYUSH Minister Dr. Rajiv Saizal has given form. This idea of ​​keeping people healthy has become the strength of corona infected patients in the form of ‘AYUSH Ghar Dwar’ programme.

State AYUSH Minister Dr. When Rajiv Saizal inaugurated the program from Solan district on May 14, 2021, the idea was very clear that Ayurveda and Yoga embodied in the lifestyle of the people should be transmitted to the corona infected patients through simple means. For the success of Aayush Ghar Door, such a series of simple yoga exercises were started in connection with qualified yoga instructors working in the state of a world-class organization like Art of Living which became the lifeline of the patients suffering from the Covid-19 tragedy.

The state government chose various mediums of social media to benefit the ‘Aayush Ghar Dwar’ at their respective residence to the Isolate Covid-19 infected patients so that patients receiving health benefits at home without any hassle through their smart phones To connect to the program. The aim of the Ayush Ghar Door program was to connect nearly 30 thousand home isoletid corona infected patients with yoga and pranayama through virtual medium and keep them healthy in the long term.

The modern medical system, allopathy and the AYUSH system, which has been an integral part of the lifestyle of the people in some form or the other, played a special role in the complete recovery of Covid-19 positive patients. At present, the number of Covid-19 positive patients living in solitary confinement in the state has come down to about 16 thousand. In order to benefit these 16 thousand Covid-19 positive patients through Aayush Ghar Dwar program, 985 virtual groups have been created in the state on social media apps like WhatsApp, Zoom. 16303 patients are receiving health benefits through these virtual groups.

2836 corona infected through 249 virtual groups in Kangra district under Ayush Ghar Dwar, 1992 patients through 138 virtual groups in Mandi district, 1145 patients through 117 groups in Chamba district, 83 through virtual groups in Hamirpur district 1688 patients, 2970 patients through 79 groups in Solan district, 1222 patients through 70 groups in Bilaspur district, 1262 patients through 67 groups in Una district, 1650 patients through 65 virtual groups in Sirmaur district, Shimla district. 681 patients through 61 groups, 644 patients through 28 groups in Kullu district, 120 patients through 20 groups in Kinnaur district and 93 corona positive patients through 08 virtual groups in Lahaul-Spiti district are benefiting .

The main objective of the Ayush Ghardwar program is to increase the recovery rate of corona infected patients through Yoga and Ayurveda, improve their standard of living, reduce mortality, reduce infection rate, reduce the serious side effects of Kovid and subsequently To ensure better rehabilitation of patients.

The Ayush Ghar Door program has emerged as a dedicated provider of patients in a very short time. Through this, there is also help in reducing the rate of Kovid infection.