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Like the Earth, the clouds were seen moving on Mars, the sky shining at night, pictures sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover

NASA Curiosity Rover Captures Shining Clouds on Mars: Layers of mysteries related to space and Mars are now slowly opening up. Curiosity Rover of the US space agency NASA has taken a beautiful picture of the clouds seen on Mars. Scientists say that the picture that has come out about the clouds is more than expected. Now they will be studied. The climate of Mars is thin and dry, so it is considered rare to see clouds there. Clouds are usually found at the planet’s equator during the coldest time of the year.

The Curiosity rover, which is searching for life on Mars, had earlier sent a video of the clouds. The picture has been released from the Mars Clouds Twitter account, ‘Sometimes you need to stop and watch the clouds while walking on Mars. Cloudy days are quite rare here because the atmosphere is quite thin and dry (Mars Clouds Composition), but I put my cameras on it and want to share some pictures with you. ‘Six different photos were molded into one frame is. Does Mars Have Any Clouds?

How are clouds formed?

Particles of water have to cool down on particles to become clouds. These particles can be dust on the earth, which goes upward with the wind. But the atmosphere of Mars is thin, so it is difficult to form clouds there. Although they are made by a different process (Mars Clouds GIF). The clouds of Mars move up to an altitude of 37 miles. Scientists say that these clouds are made of cold carbon dioxide or dry ice. The photos have been taken from the rover’s black and white navigation camera and mask camera. Even at night, the clouds are shining because its ice crystals have pulled the sunlight inside.