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Media plays an important role in boosting the career of athletes: Nadal

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal believes that the media plays an important role in enhancing the career of an athlete.
Nadal’s statement comes at a time wen Naomi Osaka of Japan, the world’s No. 2 women’s tennis player, spoke

of distance from the media during the French Open the previous day. However, Nadal has praised Osaka’s decision.

13-time French Open champion Nadal said, “I can understand Osaka but according to me, the media is the one who writes about our achievements.” If it weren’t for this, we wouldn’t be the kind of athletes we are now.
He said, without these we do not get the identity that is in the world right now and we probably would not have been so popular.

Japan’s Osaka recently said that she would stay away from the media during the French Open because people do not take care of the mental health of athletes during press conferences.