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Now air travel also becomes expensive, Center decides to increase fares

The public is already troubled by the impact of inflation and now air travel is going to be expensive again. The Center has decided to increase the domestic air fares from 1 June 2021. The government has increased the airfares to 13 to 16 per cent in the lower limit. According to the information, the Union Civil Aviation Ministry has increased the ticket prices of the plane. These new rates will come into effect from June 1. On behalf of the Union Ministry, the fares of Planes have increased the fares of different durations by 13 to 16 per cent. According to the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation, the lower limit of fares for aircraft with a distance of 40 minutes has been increased from Rs 2300 to Rs 2600. At the same time, the lower limit of flight fares of 40 to 60 minutes travel has been changed from Rs 2,900 to Rs 3,300 per person now. This decision has been taken in the midst of the Corona crisis. Explain that earlier also in the month of February this year, the Railway Ministry had also increased the price of local train fares. Where previously the fare of 20 kilometers used to be 10 rupees, now it was decided to take 30 rupees from the people to travel the same journey.