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Uttar Pradesh / Basti : SP inspected police station

Police Station Basti Ashish Srivastava inspected the police station Gaur district in view of Covid-19 on date: -29.05.2021. During the inspection and cleanliness of the police station, computer room, prison house and station premises, housing and office were inspected and strict instructions were given regarding special attention to cleanliness and in the police station in view of Covid-19. The security / rescue system and cleanliness was found to be satisfactory. Police personnel were directed to behave courteously / well-behaved / virtuous / courteous with the visitors visiting the police station and to take immediate necessary action after hearing their problems and at the police station. Women helpdesk was inspected and under the “Mission Shakti” awareness campaign for the safety and self-reliance of women and girls, and going against the women and other women related to educational institutions and taking action against the pranks and pranks, While doing this, it was directed to take prompt action on the complaints of women and girls.