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Uttar Pradesh / Gorakhpur : With the arrest of miscreants, illegal property will also be confiscated

ADG zone Akhil Kumar has started preparing to rein in criminals after the panchayat elections are over. The arrest of one lakh prizes, Sunny Singh and Yuvraj Singh, and the announcement of a reward of 2.5 lakh on Raghavendra. Later this campaign has intensified. ADG has again prepared a list of 12 miscreants. On each of these, a prize of fifty-fifty thousand rupees is declared. This time, the search for these miscreants will be up to Bihar. Three of the declared miscreants are from Bihar. In such a situation, the ADG is preparing to write a letter to the DGP Bihar to look for these miscreants. The prize crooks from the beginning have been on the target of the ADG, but during the panchayat elections, the police was busy in the election. Once again, a list of rewarded crooks has been prepared. Among them, Maksudan, who had carried out the murder incident in Deoria district, is resident of Karmashanagar in Bagaha village of Parmadpur and Ramasare West Champaran district of West Champaran district, Semra police station in Bihar. Raju Ansari alias Aftab Sitamarhi, who is wanted in the case of murder in Gorakhpur, is a resident of Baja Rasoolpur, Bajpatti Baga in Sitamarhi district. Apart from this, three prizes have been announced from Badam Aziz alias Ejaz resident Nianv police station Faizabad, Abhorik resident Sihalia police station Madhuvan, Mau, Sumerchand Lodh resident Medharwa police station Madhubaniya district Rupnadehi Nepal. In this Jairam Gaur resident Chhotka village police station Bhatparani Deoria, Mo. Alam alias Guddu resident Mundera Bazar police station Chaurichora, Jeevan Sharma resident Ekla Bazar police station Belipar, Gorakhpur, Ahmed alias Rahul Khan resident Parsauni police station Taryasujan Kushinagar; Thana Dargah Sharif Bahraich is included. For those miscreants living outside the zone, the ADG will write a letter to the ADG of the respective zone and get them searched. The illegal assets of these miscreants will also be identified. So, Director General of Police Gorakhpur Zone Akhil Kumar says that details of all the 12 miscreants are being extracted and it is being noted what kind of miscreants he is. In this, the amount of reward needs to be increased on which miscreants. Attention will be given to that. With the increase in the prize money, the police of the entire state becomes active simultaneously and they are being searched again. A letter is being written to those SPs, IGs and ADGs who hail from crooks. The crooks who are in their zones, will be directed to arrest them as soon as possible by holding an early meeting of the police officers of those districts.