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Uttarakhand : Government hiding death figures from Corona: Suryakant Dhamsana

Dehradun : State vice-president of Uttarakhand Congress Suryakant Dhasmana strongly attacked the state government. Said that the government is hiding the death toll from Corona. At the same time, he accused the state people of joking in the name of relief in the coronary period. Said that the state government is patting itself on the back by giving a relief of thirty rupees a month.

Talking to journalists, he said that according to government statistics, more than 1.25 lakh people in Uttarakhand have been infected with Corona so far. At the same time, the death toll is more than 6200. He said that reality is something different from government figures. The real figures of those who died from Corona are manifold. There are many people who died at peak time, their figure is not there. People did not get vaccines, ventilators, oxygen, got infected and there is no record of them. The government does not have the real figures of the destruction that took place on a large scale. The government does not even have data on deaths in homes. At the same time, previous death figures are being added to every day figures. In such a situation, questions are bound to arise. He said that former CM Trivendra Singh had announced that the government would give one lakh rupees to the dependents of each deceased. Till date, no dependent has been given the amount as per this declaration. It was said that the state government will give one thousand rupees to two lakh people associated with the transport business, it is not known even today after a year. He strongly attacked the state’s BJP government for price rise, malfeasance of health services during the Corona period and the humiliating relief of thirty rupees per month per family on the sugar received in PDS in the name of relief to the public. State Congress Vice President of Congress Suryakant Dhasmana said that in the last fifteen months of the Corona period, the state’s overwhelming majority, the BJP government, has left the people of the state never forgetting. He said that even in such a severe period of global epidemic, BJP leaders were so busy fighting for the chair that they left the public on their side and the seven eight months time between Covid I and Covid’s second wave was not well utilized.

Reality is different from government figures

Congress state vice president Suryakant Dhasmana said that instead of investing in strengthening the healthcare system, the BJP wasted playing CM’s game. He said that the corona infection is today touching the figure of four lakhs in the state and the death rate is touching the first position in the country. In the official figure, the death toll which has crossed 6200 is actually manifold.
Completely failed government
The state government could not be seen standing with the public anywhere. Dhasmana said that in the second wave, the way people died in hospital without oxygen, without bad bed ICU without ventilator and without medication and injection. This in itself represents a complete failure of the government. He said that the government was limited to announcements only and the public was not relieved till date. In the last 15 months, the employment of the people has been devastated. People who earn by working hard and doing meditation were completely ruined. Small traders, people associated with the transport business, five lakh families associated with the Char Dham Yatra, all of them have become unemployed without work. The government did not help anyone.
One rupee a day help to make fun of people.

Dhasmana said that even the new Chief Minister Tirath Rawat has not helped in the name of relief yet. Now instead of giving relief, the decision taken by the Tirath cabinet last evening is like applying salt to the wounds of the afflicted. He said that the Tirath cabinet announced to give two kilograms of sugar at Rs 25 per card to the state’s ration card holders, which is a shame. The market price of sugar is 40 rupees a kg. In such a case, the cardholder was given a benefit of thirty rupees in a month to the public. That is, a relief of one rupee to a family in a day. In this also, the government is patting its back.

Dhasmana has demanded from CM Tirath Singh that he should immediately withdraw the kind of lewd joke he made on the public. Or give the state’s public free of ten kilograms of wheat, five kilograms of rice, one kilogram of sugar, one kilo of pulses per unit on each ration card for six months.