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Advisory for promotion of national helpline numbers

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has today issued advisory to all private television channels to promote awareness of the following national helpline numbers by way of a ticker or such appropriate ways as they may consider at periodical intervals, especially during prime time

These National helpline numbers were created and propagated by the Government for the benefit of the citizens.

The advisory has highlighted that over the last several months, the Government has created awareness through various instrumentalities and media platforms, including print, TV, Radio, social media, etc. for creating awareness on the three critical issues – COVID treatment protocol, COVID appropriate behaviour and Vaccination.

The advisory credits private TV channels for having played an important role in supplementing the efforts of the Government in fighting this epidemic by creating awareness and informing people about the aforementioned three issues. It has urged that in order to further this cause, the private TV channels are advised to promote awareness of the four national level helpline nos.