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I too once faced a casting couch: Kishwer Merchant

Actress Kishwer Merchant has spoken publicly about the days when she had an unpleasant experience of casting couch. This drove him away from a film in which he was getting an opportunity to work with a big star and big producer in the film industry. Kishwar, who is going to become a mother, also told about the happiness of her husband Suyyash Rai, when she came to know that she is pregnant.

Kishwer Merchant has made a very shocking disclosure about the casting couch. He has told how he once faced a casting couch. Kishwer Merchant said that he was asked to sleep with the hero. He also told that he was a big name of the hero and producer of the film industry.

Kishwer Merchant has worked in the film Hum Tum 4 and Bheya Fry 2. He was asked if he had ever faced the casting couch, he said, ‘Yes, I have experienced it once. This came to the fore when I went for a meeting. My mother was also with me at that time.
Merchant told that, ‘She refused to work in this film and left from there. I will not say that this is too much or it is a normal thing. The industry is infamous, but this thing happens in every industry. He did not mention the name of the actor and producer, but said so much that he is a big name in the film industry.

Did that unpleasant experience of casting couches keep you away from movies? In response to this, the actress said that, no, I was very focused on my work. As I told you, my inclination was more towards TV. I used to get work in quality and quantity. I am very happy with the way my career is taking shape.
Kishwer said about her pregnancy that, her mother was lying behind her with the child. The actress said, ‘Mother wanted me to have a baby. A week before I conceived, he also told me to freeze my eggs.

After this, about returning to the set, Kishwer Merchant said, ‘He is also happy to be pregnant at the age of 40. I’ll take a year to return to the set. I have a good arrangement at home. If my character is very good, then I will come back soon. Let’s see what happens next.

Kishwr said, ‘I was surprised when I was pregnant because we had not made plans for the child. Actually, I was feeling short of energy for a few days. I told my husband Suyyash Rai that I think something is wrong and we should probably do a pregnancy test. He looked at me and said – are you sure? I said: Yes, let’s do the test, ‘You will know! After the test positive came the first reaction of both of our faces was’ WHAT!’, But overnight we got ready as if we wanted to become parents.