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There is a general perception in the industry, beautiful girls cannot act: Zareene Khan

Zareene Khan remembers that she was rejected from a film for the way she looked. The Bollywood actress says that she was clearly told about the perception of the industry that beautiful girls cannot act. It is not just me who has been typecast, Zarine said. I think every person in this industry gets typecast. When I came out with Veer I was typecast as a beautiful girl, a girl — just comparisons and everything.

Therefore, I did not get the right opportunities. (Actually) there was no chance at all after that. (I was called) fat, and that’s it and that’s it. He recalled that his dance number character Lax in the film Ready, starring Salman Khan, helped change perceptions to some extent. People were like that, she can look like this too. He has lost weight, OK. Then came the hat story and people said that she is very hot.

Still, Zareene was rejected when she sought out roles that would give her something worthwhile to portray. He said, after that when I tried to get so hot roles or meet people for which I could get some meaningful or serious roles to play, I was rejected and I was told in our industry that it is a belief that Beautiful girls cannot act. He said, what does this mean? If you consider me beautiful then you will not give me a chance. How unfair it is. The 34-year-old took a break from everything associated with being glamorous. She emphasized that I really want to make a conscious effort to see people as more than a glamorous face for me. I want them to see my potential, give me credit, give me my ability and give me a chance. More than anything else, giving gives me a chance to show that I’m not just about looking hot and being beautiful.
He said that’s why I took a little break. I was reading a lot of scripts and I wanted to do something that would take me away from the glamorous image, so that people could change that image about me. In his new release Hum Bhi Ekle Tum Bhi Akela, Zarine portrays a character who has never done so in his career of more than a decade. She plays a lesbian character in the film, which was released digitally some time ago.