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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : After recovering one and a half lakh from the patient, the dust fell off, the eye light lost due to the side effects of the drug

Unaided patients are suffering due to negligence in treatment in private hospital

Complaints about negligence in treatment and collection of arbitrary bills in private hospitals are constantly increasing. Mukesh, a resident of Jamrani village of Bidhanu, reached Halat on Sunday afternoon with his maternal uncle Girija Shankar. It is said that on May 4, the maternal uncle got typhoid. He was admitted to a private hospital in Barra for treatment. Told that, during treatment from May 4 to 11, one and a half lakh rupees were taken from him, this did not include the cost of medicines. On being told that the treatment was not good, he was discharged after writing medicine. It is alleged that the maternal uncle, while eating the medicines prescribed by the private hospital doctor, stopped seeing from the left eye and there is swelling in the eyes. He was admitted to the Halat Emergency and tested and treatment started.

Sampath, a resident of Bharua Sumerpur, Hamirpur, had been wandering for treatment in Hamirpur after her husband Shyam Babu, who arrived with Halat Emergency for treatment in the afternoon, complained of difficulty in breathing, restlessness and decreased oxygen level of the body. Here, Juhi arrived in a private hospital in Baradevi with his wife in critical condition, but instead of being admitted there, Halat was referred. On arrival at Halat, treatment was started after the wife was admitted.

Halot Refer from District Hospital

Rakesh Singh, resident of Khajuha, Fatehpur, complains of difficulty in urination and restlessness to his elderly father Shripal. The son of the elderly told that when he reached the district hospital with his father in critical condition in the morning, the doctor present there referred Halat instead of treating him. In the afternoon, the father arrived with a helmet and started treatment. On the other hand, elder brother Deepak, who had brought his brother Mukesh to Halat from Fatehpur District Hospital, told that he was not able to eat or drink anything because his younger brother had a sore throat. Admitted to the district hospital, he did not even look far and said take him to Kanpur. On arrival, the treatment of brother was started.