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Himachal Pradesh : Entertaining everyone in the Corona period and boosting the corona warriors: KC Thakur

Solan : Himachal Film Cinema Solan is saluting the Corona warriors through the Youth Poets Conference. In this episode, the Youth Poets Conference was organized on Sunday. In which the chief guest was Kusum Sanghike, assistant director of the language and culture department. Along with this, Rakesh Kathuria was the Vice President of Himachal Pradesh Press Union as a special guest and Corona warrior. The program was conducted by Vikas Gupta. In this program, Drishti Negi from Kinnaur, Pawan Kumar from Sunni from Shimla, Raksha Thakur from Bilaspur, Rupesh from Mandi presented their poems.

Rakesh Kathuria and Kusum Sanghike highly appreciated the poems presented by the youth. He said in his message that this program in honor of these Corona warriors, we will get new energy from journalists to all the Corona warriors. All the same, Kusum Sanghaik saluted the warriors and offered his blessings and best wishes to all the poets. President of Himachal Film Cinema, KC Parihar said that our effort is to entertain everyone in the Corona era and also encourage the corona warriors.

For this, we have started the live program of the Youth Poets Conference every Sunday at 1:00 pm which is broadcast on our Facebook page. In which the corona warriors are also honored with the presentation of poems. At the same time, citation letters are also provided to the youth reciting poetry in the program.

Apart from this, a live program has been started every Saturday at 8:30 pm, in which the singer artists give their presentations, they have requested the general public to take care of themselves in Corona and follow the rules by the government and themselves Keep positive we will win this battle soon and will achieve new heights with new efforts in our life.