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Uttar Pradesh / Prayagraj : Free dry ration made available to the needy

50 packet dry rations were distributed free of cost to the needy in the All India Civil Line Udyog Mahila Vyapar Mandal, subsidiary organization All India Udyog Vyapar Mandal in Shadiabad, Salori slums. Mahila Mandal president Avantika Tandon sent packets of pulses, rice, flour, potatoes, onions, oil, spices to the poor for the 15th consecutive day. District President Ramesh Kesarwani, Metropolitan President Lalu Mittal, Neeraj Jaiswal, Amit Singh Bablu, Pankaj Chaudhary, Vicky Tandon, Raju Paso, Anu Kesarwani, Civil Defense people were present.
Additional District Magistrate Nagar Ashok Kanaujia held a virtual meeting with the traders for 40 minutes to discuss the potential opening market, business problems and suggestions from June 1. Lalu Mittal, the Metropolitan President of the All India Industry Trade Board, requested the government to bring the equipment, oxygen concentrator, medicines and vaccines used in Kovid-19 to 0 per cent GST through ADM City Sahab. Like Delhi, it also raised demand for building materials and construction related business. The bullion business strongly demanded for a few days more postponement of the new rule of Hall Mark Essentials on jewelery so that bullion businessmen would not have to smelt the jewelery made during the wedding season, in the same way the bullion business was almost snuffed out. is. Avantika Tandon sought permission to abolish the fix charge levied on the electricity bill and restart the beauty parlor business. Neeraj Jaiswal spoke of campaigning on vaccination.

In the meeting, divisional incharge Sushant Kesarwani, Musab Khan, Ujjwal Tandon, Pankaj Chaudhary, Kadir Bhai, Mahendra Goyal, Shiv Shankar Singh, Vijay Arora, Dhananjay Singh, Dinesh Singh, Saurabh Gupta, Ajay Awasthi etc. Many business and organization traders expressed their views Keep it.